Calorie & Macro Calculator

Calorie & Macro Calculator

Height (in/cm):
Weight (lb/kg):
Bodyfat % (optional):
Activity Level:
Protein Calculation(grams per pound):
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Calorie & Macro Definition

From: Sara Solomon <[email protected]>
Subject: Calorie & Macro Calculator

Calculator Title:
Calorie & Macro Calculator

Calculator Inputs:
I would like it modelled after this calculator
however, I want to make changes to the calculations and
answer options as follows:

Height (no changes)
Weight (no changes)
Age (no changes)
Gender (no changes)
Units (no changes)

This is where I want changes:

Remove LBM

Activity Factor:
Please use the calculations used in this calculator:

Please use the same answer options: Sendentary,
Exercise 1-3x per week, Exercise 3-5x per week,
Exercise 6-7x per week, Exercise 2x per day

TDEE (Maintenance Level Calories)
20% of TDEE (for ADF)
25% of TDEE (for ADF)
30% of TDEE (for ADF)
35% of TDEE (for ADF)
40% of TDEE (for ADF)
45% of TDEE (for ADF)
50% of TDEE  (For ADF)
TDEE -10% (Fat Loss for Daily Fasting)
TDEE -15%  (Fat Loss for Daily Fasting)

1 gram per pound
1.1 grams per pound
1.2 grams per pound
1.3 grams per pound
1.4 grams per pound

(write the answer for the protein in grams and as a
percent. Take the body weight x 1g, or 1.1 g, etc to
establish the amount of grams of protein/day. Then to
establish the percentage of the total daily calories,
take the grams of protein/day and multiply by 4
calories per gram.

Fats: (enter to solve for carbs)

(write the answer for fat in both grams and as a
percent. We already know the percent. So to establish
the grams: for example if they pick 20%: 0.20 x the
results calories. Then divide this number by 9
calories/gram to establish the grams of fat for the

Carbs: Whatever is remaining.
(no options)
Please write the carbs as both a percent and grams. We
already know the percent for protein and fat: so carbs
is 100% – (percent for both protein & fat). This carb
percentage multiplied by the “results calories’ will
give the calories of carbs permitted. Then divide this
by 4 calories/gram to establish the grams of carbs

Addition Requirements/Comments:
Have this as my title Graphic top centre of the
calculator: <img
width=”294″ height=”63.7″color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-family: arial, sans-serif; line-height: normal;”>!important; top: 11px !important; left: 15px
!important;”></img><p>&nbsp;</p> Calorie & Macro

Please refer to my website ( to
see I the colour purple and green: Please use purple
for background and green for the border.

Please use size 22 font


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How to Calculate Calorie & Macro

Let's be honest - sometimes the best calorie & macro calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the calorie & macro formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating calorie & macro then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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