UK Journey Cost Calculator

UK Journey Cost Calculator

Fuel Cost (pence/Litre):
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UK Journey Cost Formula:

Cost = Miles / MPG x 4.54609188 x (Fuel Cost/100)

UK Journey Cost Definition

The UK Journey Cost Calculator gives you a simple way to figure out how much money it will cost for you to travel from one place to the next by car. This is a very important calculator to use before you set off on your trip. It will show you just how much money you will need to spend on fuel so that you can work this money into your budget.

Where will you be going?

The first step is to determine how far you will be traveling. You can do this by using a map and plotting out your trip. Simply look up the distance between each of your destinations and then add the numbers together. It is wise to use an online map since you will get very accurate numbers when you do this.

Once you have figured out how far you will be going, you can put this into the first text box. The box takes the input as miles, so you will need to do a conversion if you have measured the distance in kilometers. You can round the numbers to the nearest mile if you would like, as this will be easier to work with and will not change the total cost by enough to make a difference.

How many miles do you get per gallon?

Next, you will need to input how many miles you can go in your car for each gallon gas. Different cars get very different ratings, should you should not guess when you are doing this. Even a slight miscalculation on this part can change the entire calculation so that it is incorrect. The three things below will influence your fuel economy:

  1. The Make of the Car.
  2. The Model of the Car.
  3. The Size of the Engine.

You can round the MPG number if you would like, but it is probably better not to do so. Even a half-mile difference can add up over the course of the trip.

Tire Size

You should also note that tire size can make a difference in the overall fuel economy. Different tires can influence how much fuel is burned. The difference may not be much for short trips, but it can be a lot for long trips. If you have purchased new tires since you bought your car, do not just look at the MPG rating that you were given when you purchased it. If you are having trouble finding out your MPG, then try our FREE UK MPG calculator!

What does fuel cost today?

Finally, you will need to input how much you will pay for each liter of fuel. This is changing all of the time, so you need to make sure that this is accurate. It is also important that you put in the price for the grade of fuel that you will use, as the higher grades are more expensive.


With all of that done, you just have to push the calculate button. The calculator will determine how much fuel you will use on your trip and it will output how much that will cost.

How to Calculate UK Journey Cost

Let's be honest - sometimes the best uk journey cost calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the uk journey cost formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating uk journey cost then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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