Refrigerant Capillary Tube Resizer Calculator

Refrigerant Capillary Tube Resizer Calculator

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Refrigerant Capillary Tube Resizer Formula:

New Length = Original Length x (New ID/Original ID)^4.6

Refrigerant Capillary Tube Resizer Definition

Use our free online Refrigerant Capillary Tube Resizer Calculator to do your calculations in a snap! The refrigerant capillary tube is a vital component to a refrigerator or air conditioner, because it condenses the amount of refrigerant supplied to the evaporator. This prevents an overload of pressure on the cooling device, and it also assures that your device will not be underrefrigerated because the throttling system will be able to push enough heat out. The capillary tube system works well for home refrigerators and central cooling systems, and it can be serviced without a great deal of difficulty.

Because each refrigeration or cooling device requires a different amount of pressure from the refrigerant source, a refrigerant capillary tube resizer calculator is a very helpful and important tool that will help you cool your device properly and safely. This calculator is very useful if you need to adjust a current capillary tube system that is not performing at its peak.

The refrigeration capillary tube resizer calculator allows you to enter the following components:

  1. Original inside diameter
  2. New inside diameter
  3. Original Length

After submitting your figures, your new length will appear at the bottom. You may print the results of your calculations and show them to a refrigeration service professional so that any necessary alterations to your system can be arranged.

The following are some important things to remember when servicing or performing everyday maintenance on your capillary tube system:

  • Be sure that dust or foreign objects do not build up in the capillary tube, or this can obstruct the flow of refrigeration and cause the device not to work effectively.
  • Check with a professional to see if your capillary tube is the correct diameter and length and make necessary corrections with the help of a capillary tube resizer calculator to ensure that your refrigeration device is operating at optimum efficiency.

How to Calculate Refrigerant Capillary Tube Resizer

Let's be honest - sometimes the best refrigerant capillary tube resizer calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the refrigerant capillary tube resizer formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating refrigerant capillary tube resizer then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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