Daily Calorie Calculator

The Daily Calorie Calculator will calculate how many calories you need each day based on your height, weight, age, gender, and activity level. Do you know how many calories you need each day? Using the free online daily calorie needs calculator makes calculating calories easy! Now you can calculate how many calories you need with […]

Calories Burned Calculator

Losing weight is about more than simply finding a healthy diet and sticking to lower calorie intake. Indeed, those people who wish to lose weight at a steady and quick clip need to pair restricted calorie intake with the right amount of caloric output. There is virtually no better way to burn calories than to […]

VO2 Max Calculator

The VO2 Max Calculator will instantly calculate VO2 Max for you if you can input your time to complete a one mile walk (walking as fast as you can) and your heart rate immediately after completing the one mile walk. VO2 Max (Volume Oxygen Max) is a measure of how much oxygen a person can […]

Protein Calculator

Our free online protein calculator makes it “whey” easier to calculate how much protein you should have in your diet than calculating by hand! To learn how many grams of protein you should consume each day just enter in your weight, height, age, gender, and activity level. Find out how much protein you need and […]

Max Heart Rate Calculator

When determining your heart rate limits, you will want to use the max heart rate calculator to get an acceptable estimate of the rates that are right for your age. There are some important things to consider aside from age that can affect maximum heart rates, however. For example, consider the following: How to Use […]

Lean Body Mass Calculator

The Lean Body Mass Calculator is one of the numerous calculators available in the Health Calculator sector. It is similar to the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator and the Body Fat Calculator because it calculates only one factor of your weight. However, it is different from other calculators due to the fact that it follows an entirely […]

Body Fat Calculator

Our free online Body Fat Calculator makes it ultra simple to calculate your body fat percentage. All you have to do to learn how to calculate body fat percentage in just seconds is be able to enter in your current weight in pounds, your waist size measured in inches, and if you are a female […]

Body Composition Calculator

Ever wondered what is your current body composition is? If so, you may have tried different computations in order to attain the right data. Keep the hassle off, and get the right information with our online Body Composition Calculator. Know the right figures without the stress of manual computations with this precise and easy calculator! […]

Concrete CO2 Calculator

Concrete Column Calculator