On Base Percentage Calculator

On Base Percentage Calculator

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On Base Percentage Formula:

Hits + Walks + Hit-By-Pitch)/(At Bats + Walks + Hit-By-Pitch + Sac Flys)

On Base Percentage Definition

The On Base Percentage Calculator is a valuable asset to any baseball, softball coach or manager, because it correctly calculates On Base Percentage, utilizing all five statistics used by MLB. This results in the most accurate assessment of a players value when making important decisions like whether they should bat #2 in the order or #8. It can also serve as an invaluable tool when deciding which players should be used during a “Hit and Run” situation and which should be used during Sacrifice Situations.

Because many coaches and managers rely on their scorekeepers to keep stats, especially at the high school level and below, it is often found that stats must be computed after several games have already been played. This On Base Percentage Calculator will allow you to enter stats from as many games as you like, and will instantly compute an accurate OBP.

The On Base Percentage calculator allows you to enter the following components:

  1. Hits – The number of times the Batter reaches base safely without an error occurring or any out being recorded during his trip to the base. *Note – be sure to include a hit even if the runner were picked off in an attempt to reach an extra base. This is still considered a hit.
  2. Walks – The number of times the Batter reaches base after an intentional or unintentional Base on Balls. (Umpire calls “Ball 4” before the 3rd Strike)
  3. Hit By Pitch – The number of times the Batter reaches base after being hit by a pitch.
  4. At Bats – The number of times the batter bats during a game, and has a chance to be put out. * Note this is not to be confused with Plate Appearances. A batter who receives ball four and walks to first base is not charged with an at bat. A batter who lays down a sacrifice bunt does move the runner over to help the team but is still put out and thus gets an At Bat added to his daily box score.
  5. Sac Flies – The Number of times the batter produces a run batted in, while sacrificing himself, creating an out on a fly ball but allowing his team mate to cross the plate.

After submitting your statistics, your On Base Percentage will appear at the bottom. You may print the results of your calculations and show them to the other coaches or even post them for review by the players. This can be a valuable tool to help motivate players to improve a statistic that is invaluable to winning baseball games. This was most recently made evident by Brad Pitt’s character, Billy Beane, in the Box Office Hit, “Moneyball.”

Try out our on base percentage calculator above now, and remember, if you would like to compare your on base percentages to those of major league players in MLB Stats, you will first need to convert the percentage to a decimal out to the thousandths’ place. Use our free online On Base Percentage Calculator to do your calculations in a snap!

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How to Calculate On Base Percentage

Let's be honest - sometimes the best on base percentage calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the on base percentage formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating on base percentage then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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