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Mileage Calculator

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Mileage Formula:

Fuel Mileage = Miles between fill-ups / Amount of fuel used

Mileage Definition

If you are going on a trip, you need to know how far it is from one place to the next; you also need to know just how much gasoline it will take you to get there. For trips that will take multiple days, this becomes even more important. It is impossible to get exact numbers unless you know just how much fuel your car uses for every mile, so you need to check out our Mileage Calculator to see what kind of gas mileage your car actually gets. The following are some steps on how to use our FREE Mileage Calculator, and some reasons why you should use our FREE Calculator:

How to Use the Mileage Calculator

Using the Mileage Calculator is fairly simple. If you stick to the steps that are listed below, you will have no problem figuring out how many miles you get to go on every gallon of gas.

1. Enter the Size of the Tank

The first thing that you have to put in is how large of a tank that you have in your car. You should make sure that the number that you enter is in gallons. This online calculator is programed to use gallons, the measurement that is used in the United States, instead of liters (check out the Liters to Gallons calculator if you need to convert to gallons).

2. Consult the Owner’s Manual

Instead of just seeing how much gas you can fit into the tank, you should check the owner’s manual. The tank might not be entirely empty, after all, so your numbers will be skewed. The manual will give you the right numbers.

3. Enter the Miles Between Fill-Ups

You can clock this using the odometer on the dash. You can either watch the main odometer climb and then subtract the new number from the amount of miles that you started with, or you can use the trip odometer that is beneath it.

4. Click the Calculate Button

After that, you simply have to tell the machine to compute the gas mileage. This will take a few seconds as it runs through the steps. The calculator will then display your numbers so that you can see how far you can go on one gallon of gas.

*Please note that the number that is returned to you will be the number of miles, not kilometers. If you do not use miles as your standard of measurement, it will be necessary to translate the number that you get into kilometers. Make sure to use all two places after the decimal point to get the most accurate answer.

Why to Use the Mileage Calculator

1. Most importantly, you can look at the amount of miles that you will travel and see, when you compare it to the mileage that the car gets, how much money you will need to pay for the gas on your trip. You will need to factor this into the budget to see if you can afford it. As gas prices change, you can adjust your figures if you know how far you are going.

2. You also want to know the gas mileage that you get so you can see if that compares to the company’s official claims. If they told you that the car got thirty miles to the gallon when you bought it, you want to be able to check to see if that is really what you can get.

3. Finally, figuring out the gas milage is good just so that you can tell people this number when you go to sell the car. If you can advertise that the car really gets a lot of miles to the gallon, you will be able to sell it for a higher price.

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How to Calculate Mileage

Let's be honest - sometimes the best mileage calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the mileage formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating mileage then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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