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Honest Age Calculator

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Honest Age Definition

How old are you really? Find out by using our Honest Age Calculator. Certain environmental and lifestyle factors contribute to the body’s ageing process. For example, those consistently practicing healthy dietary habits sometimes have body ages that are slightly younger than their years. Additionally, those who refuse to exercise regularly experience accelerated ageing.

How Does the Honest Age Calculator Work

Studies show that multiple factors work together to increase or decrease your “honest” age. To use the Honest Age Calculator, just type in truthful answers to questions in 10 diet, fitness, and lifestyle categories.

#1 Age in Years
Your age in years gives a foundation for calculating your honest age based on the rest of the factors. The Honest Age Calculator program adds or subtracts points from the starting age in years based on subsequent answers to dietary, fitness, and lifestyle questions.

#2 Gender
The Honest Age Calculator attempts to capture the physiological differences between men and women when calculating your body’s real age.

#3 Race
The Honest Age Calculator considers this factor because medical research indicates some races are more genetically prone to developing certain age accelerating, degenerative diseases upon activation of other negative risk factors.

#4 Weight and Build
Weight gain is one of the most visible signs of poor health. Increased weight causes undue stress on the heart and joints. Your body fat content usually masks underlying health issues.

#5 Sleep Pattern
Sleep is about the most underestimated lifestyle factor that contributes to ageing. Your body makes needed repairs while you sleep. This explains the lack of refreshment you feel after gaining too little sleep.

#6 Exercise
Our bodies need daily physical activity that builds muscle and burns excess calories.

#7 Smoking History
Polluting your body with cigarette smoke ages your internal organs and your skin. Studies have shown that it depletes the antioxidant Vitamin C used by your body for healing and tissue repair.

#9 Breakfast
The first meal of the day jump starts your metabolism and contributes to the efficient use of calories throughout the rest of the day.

#10 Overall Diet
The Honest Age Calculator subtracts age points for good habits like consuming unrefined whole foods, and accelerates ageing for those indulging in fat-laden, processed items.

Benefits of Knowing Your Honest Age

After you answer each question, an algorithm calculates your honest age at the click of the submit button. The instantaneous results indicate whether one is on the right track when it comes to diet and other lifestyle factors. It also gives you a clue about unhealthy lifestyle choices that are contributing factors to accelerated ageing.

The health and wellness industry recognizes that the primary objective of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to control the body’s ageing process. Experts know that it is achievable to minimize ageing and eventually reverse it a bit through diligent wellness practices. Our Honest Age Calculator gives you a starting point for making those healthy lifestyle changes.

Limitations of the Honest Age Calculator

Our Honest Age Calculator is a good tool to incorporate into your health and wellness arsenal. The dietary, fitness, and lifestyle factors used to indicate your “honest” age are uncomplicated and effective, yet there are other contributing causes of accelerated ageing. For example, our tool does not take into consideration environmental factors like air pollution and poor water quality that also contribute to accelerated ageing.

The developers of the Honest Age Calculator designed the tool as a way to empower you to decrease your “honest” age by making better dietary, fitness, and other lifestyle choices. We know that environmental issues are largely out of your sphere of influence. The Honest Age Calculator focuses on high impact factors that you can control.

How to Calculate Honest Age

Let's be honest - sometimes the best honest age calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the honest age formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating honest age then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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