Concrete Step Calculator

Concrete Step Calculator

(You can specify inches or centimeters as a decimal - e.g. 5.5 feet for 5 feet 6 inches.)
1 inch = 0.08 feet
2 in = 0.17 feet
3 in = 0.25 feet
4 in = 0.33 feet
5 in = 0.42 feet
6 in = 0.50 feet
7 in = 0.58 feet
8 in = 0.67 feet
9 in = 0.75 feet
10 in = 0.83 feet
11 in = 0.92 feet

Number of Steps:
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Concrete Step Definition

Pouring concrete steps is not normally a job that is recommended to amateurs due to the high number of calculations that must be made beforehand, the necessity for accuracy concerning these calculations, and the unforgiving nature of concrete. However, the Concrete Step Calculator available through, eliminates many of these concerns. Using this valuable and free tool, the average individual can take on this do-it-yourself project with very few concerns.

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The calculator is an extremely versatile tool that allows you to input different measurements for easy conversion. Users can choose to measure with either feet or meters. Smaller units are indicated by the inclusion of a decimal points in the field. It even features an inch to foot conversion chart that outlines the most common lengths of measurement. In order to get your project off the ground, you only need 4 basic pieces of information:

  • the number of steps to be included
  • the desired tread
  • a riser measurement
  • the width of the step

Once these figures are placed in the calculator, simply click the “calculate” tab to get your results quickly. They are displayed in a single cubic-yard measurement that indicates the amount of concrete needed for the job. With this information now securely in hand, you can gather up your materials and keep a few key points in mind:

  • Concrete dries very quickly, making it necessary to review all the steps before beginning mixing
  • Do not over-dampen the concrete at any point in the process because you increase the drying time and the likelihood of air bubbles
  • The average foot is 11 inches or longer, making this a good guide for the measurement of your tread

When pouring the structure, there are several essential steps that will be key in determining the success of the project. The first of these is the method that you use for mixing the concrete. Because your average step require so little concrete, the mixture can typically be blended by hand. However, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed, leading the majority of people to choosing hand-drill mixing attachments.

Secondly, the final appearance of the steps and their surface quality will be determined by how well you smooth the concrete as it dries. The best approach involves using a piece of lumber or a wooden float designed specifically for this purpose.

How to Calculate Concrete Step

Let's be honest - sometimes the best concrete step calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the concrete step formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating concrete step then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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