Circular Room Paint Calculator (meters)

Circular Room Paint Calculator (meters)

Room Diameter (meters):
Room Height (meters):
# of Doors in Room:
# of Windows in Room:
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Circular Room Paint (meters) Formula:

Estimated Gallons Needed to Cover Walls = (Square Meters of Walls - Square Meters of Windows - Square Meters of Door)/32.52

Estimated Gallons Needed to Cover Ceiling = Square Meters of Floor or Ceiling/32.52

*350 sq ft per gallon of paint (Meters: 350*.09290304 = 32.52 sq m per gallon of paint)

Circular Room Paint (meters) Definition

Use our free online Circular Room Paint Calculator to figure out in a snap how much paint you will need to paint your circular room. This tool takes the fuss out of calculating the amount of paint needed for circular spaces such as sun rooms and the tower rooms in Victorian era homes.

The Circular Room Paint Calculator (Meters) is easy to use. Simply enter:

1. The room diameter in meters. This is the longest distance that passes through the center point of the room’s floor as you measure from one side to the other of the room.

2. The room height in meters. If there are baseboards or crown moldings, you may measure from the top of the baseboard to the bottom of the crown molding, provided you are only calculating how much paint you need for the walls themselves and the ceiling. Otherwise, measure from floor to ceiling.

3. The number of doors in the room. Include in this count any openings that function as doors, such as hall entry arches.

4. The number of windows in the room. Again, include any openings that are similar to windows, such as a “pass through” window between a kitchen and a sunroom.

Before you Calculate, Compensate

You may choose not to compensate for oversized windows and doors. Having a pint or so of extra paint is always helpful when it comes time for touchups. However, if you want to make that decision after you have the best possible estimate of your needs, the following points will help you obtain the most accurate possible estimate from the calculator.

1. Compensate for oversized windows. The calculator plans your paint needs based on standard windows of 1.1 by 1.4 meters (44 by 54 inches). If your room has a large palladium window, for example, you may wish to enter it as two windows for a more accurate result.

2. Compensate for sliding patio doors or other oversized doors. The calculator plans your paint needs based on standard doors of 1.2 by 2.1 meters (48 by 82 inches). If your room has a sliding patio door, it should be entered as two doors.

Now Calculate!

After you have entered your numbers, hit “Calculate” and the calculator will generate an estimate of the number of gallons of paint required for each coat on the room’s walls and ceiling. Depending on the kind of paint you will use and the initial condition of the surfaces, you may choose to use more than one coat of paint, or to prime the walls before painting. If so, the same number of gallons should be appropriate for each coat.

Don’t forget to allow a little extra for touchups. Alternatively, record the paint mix for future reference.

How to Calculate Circular Room Paint (meters)

Let's be honest - sometimes the best circular room paint calculator (meters) is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the circular room paint (meters) formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating circular room paint (meters) then please check out the "Formula" box above.

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